I always believed that the most attractive feature of Prague is the magnificent view of the Castle on the hill over Lesser Town with Charles Bridge running towards Old Town shore of the Vltava River, as seen from the waterfront between National Theater and Charles Spa. I was always so proud of this view, being born and grown in Prague. There are very few other capital cities in Europe (I cannot judge the whole world) with anything that would come any close to this - only Budapest has any kind of skyline, most other cities are simply flat (Vienna, Paris, Rome, London, Copenhagen, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, etc etc). It is the hill what makes the difference.
However I was confronted by reality when following my corporate colleagues and friends coming to Prague for business and leisure trips. They gave no notice to the Skyline - they were only interested in two things. Beer, of course. And the Astronomical Clock.
I understood it, eventually. They all wanted to see the Clock working and playing the hourly show of chime and animated figures. No matter they had no clue what the Clock really displays on its Dial - it was the sight number one to see. When the show ended, they had the second idea on their mind - to verify that the Pilsner Urquell is really the best pilsner beer in the world. I remember two colleagues from Switzerland who said with obvious pity - yes, this was a difference.
So, Prague means the Clock, and Czechia means the beer.