1. Rectangular Single Color Gift Box
Single Color Gift Box 20x20x7cm - blue
Single Color Gift Box 20x20x7cm - blue

Rectangular Single Color Gift Box

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Rectangular gift box printed in one color for wrapping of flat products
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Rectangular single color gift box for nice and simple wrapping of flat products for easy distribution to participants of your events and tours.

Great for wrapping of half-tower and full-tower wooden clocks of both sizes. Please select the small option for small clock and large option for large clock.

Dimensions: 28x13x8cm (11.2x5.2x3.2") or 33x22x7cm (13.2x8.8x2.8")
Colors: blue, green, black-grey, white.

This box does not have firm edges - it is distributed by the vendor in plain carton. We must assemble it before usage. This is probably not the most sophisticated gift box you would expect to wrap Christmas presents into but it is definitely affordable for congresses and other events.

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