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Prague Astronomical Clock wooden clock - 20cm blue
Prague Astronomical Clock wooden clock - 20cm blue

Prague Astronomical Wooden Clock

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Wooden clock created as a 3D model of the middle part of the Prague Astronomical Clock
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4 - 9 $20.05
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25 - 99 $17.10
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Wooden clock created as a 3D model of Astronomical Dial, the central part of the Prague Astronomical Clock.

The clock consists of two parts: wooden dial made of several layers of wood and silent electric engine with three hands. The wooden dial shows all elements of the real Clock in three-dimensional projection as well as on the background picture: the Astrolabe, Zodiacal Ring, Outer Ring, Sun and Moon and Sun Hand. Please see the Picture Gallery for photos of the real Clock to compare.

The clock comes packaged in brown carton box with round opening on the front side - please see the picture. We also supply simple detachable wooden stand enabling the clock to be put on a table (instead of hung on a wall) and an AA battery so that you can start using it right away.

Genuine local product, designed and made in the Czech Republic.

Product Options:
  • Size selection: diameter 15 cm (6"), 20 cm (8"), 25 cm (10") and 30 cm (12")
  • Color selection: black, blue, red, green
This clock would make perfect gift for participants of your corporate tour or event in Prague. We can supply it in large quantities, customized for your event and wrapped as you need, directly to the venue.

Wrapping and Customization options include:
  • wrap the products with glossy paper
  • put the products into paper gift bags
  • produce special series with modified design for the event (at least 50 pieces)
  • apply engraving on the back side for the event (at least 30 pieces)

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