I was on a trip to Venice (Italy) last October and visited the island of Murano in order to see the most famous glass works and to compare their current production to the one of Czechia. I found an amazing text in the glass history museum there, saying that the Murano glass has been lacking on content of lead since the 18 century so they started to import scrap crystal glass from Czechia and add it into their raw material. They said Czech glass was of better quality since then. Today they focus on decorative coloured glass much more than on practical glass which is dominated by the Czech production. They do amazing things with colors. However I sadly discovered that big part of the merchandise displayed in Murano shops came actually from China and not from local works. The genuine pieces were still much nicer than the imported stuff but also more expensive. So I took the effort and bought a souvenir plate with coloured spots which was demonstrably manufactured on Murano and not imported from Asia.