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Ceramic embossed magnet - general motive

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Dimensions: width 7 cm (2.8"), height 5 cm (2"), thickness 4 mm (0.16")


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Shipping charge will be added during checkout process based on total order weight.


Shipping charge for four pieces of this product will be 8.95 to Europe, 9.55 to rest of the world.

In the case you have selected a standard (not panoramic) magnet from the portfolio of Miniatury Art which we do not display in our store, please use this generic product for your order.
Minimal orderable quantity is 4 pieces. Please indicate the vendor´s product codes in note field on the checkout form. Please allow a week for backorder process for Czech Republic magnets. Should you have selected magnets from other then Czech cities (Munich, Berlin, Bratislava...), please consult their availability with us via email before you make an order.

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