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Souvenirs from Prague

Posted by Michael P. Thiele on 4/12/2014
If you organize a congress or conference in Prague or send a group of tourists there, you might need to present them with some typical product or souvenir which would preserve their memory of your event and the place they have seen. We recommend that you consider something useful like replica of the Prague Astronomical Clock or some nice crystal glass. There are many other kinds of souvenirs from Prague which might make a good choice - coffee mugs, ceramic or wooden pictures and ceramic miniatures of Prague sights and buildings.


Date 8/25/2014
Kate Ross
I can recommend you visit the Museum/ shop of Garnet ( Prague 1, Panska 6) it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass. Granat Turnov made jewelry in sterling silver and gold. I think it's good souvenirs from Czech.

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