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Prague Czech Me Out!

Prague Czech Me Out apparel and souvenirs

Prague Czech Me Out! has become one of the two most popular graphics and slogans used on apparel and souvenirs produced in Prague. It was designed and patented by a local souvenirs vendor. It appears on vast variety of souvenirs and collectibles, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, mugs and glasses, shopping bags or cigarette lighters.
It´s popularity comes from a language game, substituting word "check" with "Czech" in a sentence "Prague, check me out". Plus a simple but well created graphic.
Check our offer of special Ladies T-shirts designed for perfect body fit. They come in two versions with motive printed with regular colors or with shiny glass stones.
We realize that selecting and buying apparel items over the Internet might be tricky as you can hardly try the things on. We have therefore carefully measured our products and prepared detailed sizing tables in the How to Buy section for you to compare your own body or existing apparel dimensions with our stuff and make an informed decision about the size right for you.
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