Do you consider to organize a conference in Prague? We can recommend conference venues out of our own experience with corporate events in Prague. 

There are three main options to consider when looking for the conference venue in Prague that would best suit your needs and budget:
- hotels with conference facilities
- conference facilities of educational, medical or other organizations
- dedicated conference centers

Your choice depends on several factors:
- keynote room capacity (total number of participants)
- number of breakout session rooms
- availability of internal catering
- availability of accommodation in the venue
- cost per participant
- location
- availability of parking

Lets start with the total number of conference participants. If it exceeds 2000, you have just one option left - the Prague Congress Center, the only large dedicated conference facility in Prague. If it falls between 1000 and 2000, there are several major hotels with large conference facilities available. If it goes below 250, the number of options explodes as most larger hotels can provide facilities of such size, not to speak about other organizations.

When it comes to number of breakout sessions, large hotels would provide more configuration possibilities in their conference facilities, allowing you to create several separate rooms as needed. Take a look at hotel Hilton, for example.
If you can make it without accommodation in the venue and with external catering, other organizations would make a good alternative to hotels for conferences with lower budgets.
We can recommend Autoklub (building and conference facility owned by Czech Car Association) and Hospital Na Homolce, for example.