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Conference Giveaways

Prague Conference Giveaways

Are you organizing a congress or other business or social event in Prague or in other Czech city? Are you looking for a genuine local product that would make a nice and useful giveaway? We can deliver any number of our products to any conference venue in Czechia and particularly in Prague in the matter of 1-3 weeks after order.

Special products for your conference

We can easily produce special series of selected products for your event by putting an engraving on them or even changing their design to accommodate longer texts and logos. 
Please see the example of the small Prague Astronomical Clock wooden clock with special design which we have created for the IEEE-UFFC 60th Anniversary International Congress held in Prague in Summer 2013.


We can wrap the products with silk or glossy paper of your choice. We can also put them into paper conference gift bags in the case you would want to distribute them separately, not as part of your conference package. Finally, we can bring them to the venue right on time when you need them.
You can see the regular carton box with the small Prague Astronomical Clock compared to the same product wrapped with luxury paper.


Ask us for special quote 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly to obtain special quote for your event. Simply call us at +420 724 067 394 (8 AM - 8 PM Central European Time) or send us an email to mpthiele@vtravelmemories.com. We will get back to you shortly.

Conference packages

We can also deliver conference bags with custom printing, notepads, pens and other giveaways and material. We can advise you on various venues in Prague based on our own experience with corporate events.