It has been my dream to fly to the U.S. and to see the Grand Canyon when I was 20. I have been there three times sice then - alone, with a girlfriend and with the family. I have bought several souvenirs on those trips. If you asked me which of them I like the most, my answer would be easy - it´ s the T-shirts with pictures of the canyon and with local Indian motives. I wear them the whole Summer. Other items I have brought from Arizona lay on the bookshelve without much notice. 

Therefore I do not wonder that tourists coming to Prague are so keen on T-shirts, especially those with funny or teasing motives. Prague T-shirts are the best choice if you want something you can take with you and enjoy the memory of your trip wherever you are. You may ask about the quality and authenticity of the souvenir apparel you can see displayed in the tourist shops around Prague city center. Well, do not expect that the textile material was actually woven and sewn in Czechia - it all comes from Asia or Africa. It is the motives that are local. So try to look for items which do not show signs of copyright breaches. Look for genuine motives designed by local vendors and printed locally.