Christmas markets have filled all major squares in Prague, creating the festive atmosphere for the whole advent time. If you visit the Old Town Square, for example, you can enjoy local food and drink specialties including smoked goat and sheep cheese, various kinds of sausages, Christmas punch, Christmas wine, special beers, trdelnik (sweet roll with caramelized surface baked on rotating spike) as well as localized versions of international treats including Hungarian langosh (deep-fried corn pancake), French crepes and German waffels.
There are two yards with pet animals next to the giant Christmas tree which you can feed on granulas sold by vending machines. The animals include ponies, sheep and goats and are eager to eat.
If you like, you can rent a Segway or hire a horse carriage and ride around the decorated medieval downtown. Horse carriages are available right on the corner in front of the Old Town Hall.

Prague Christmas Market on Old Town Square

Trdelnik booth on Old Town Square