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Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock - the sight

The Prague Astronomical Clock belongs among the most visited sights in Prague. It can be found on the southern facade of the Old Town Hall tower, the major building of the Prague Old Town Square.
The Clock consists of three major parts: the Astronomical Dial in the middle, the balcony with windows at the top where parade of apostles shows, and the Calendar Dial at the bottom.

Prague Astronomical Clock - souvenirs and collectibles

Here we offer a collection of genuine Prague Astronomical Clock souvenirs and apparel, designed and made in Czechia: 
Wooden watches are modeling either the central part of the Clock (the Astronomical Dial), central and upper part (Astronomical Dial and the balcony with windows) or the whole Clock. They are made of lightweight balsa wood and equipped with silent electric watch engine. All models can be hung on a wall or put on a table using detachable wooden stand.
Wooden magnets are available in all three models as well, presenting either the central part, central and upper part or the whole Clock.
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