Do you plan an event in Prague and want to give your participant some local gift bearing your logo or name of the event? We can do this for you with some of our products but up to certain limits. Technically speaking, we can do this with wooden clocks and ceramic models, but only in sufficiently large production lots. Minimal order of personalized wooden clocks needs to be for at least 100 pieces with delivery time of one week. Minimal order of personalized ceramic models needs to be for at least 2000 pieces with delivery time of 2 months. We are not able to produce personalized products in quantities of ten. It is easier to design and produce personalized wooden clocks as the particular wooden layers which form the clock are cut by a computer controlled machine. Ceramic models are produced using master form which would have to be created completely anew for a personalized product. This takes much more time and incurs significant additional cost which can be dissolved only into large production series.