Czech Republic is the home of lead crystal glass production since the 17th century. Yet the idea of producing glass nail files is considerably new. The first design of crystal glass nail file was patented by a local vendor in 1997.

The files are made of thin yet firm piece of lead crystal glass. Special technology is applied to create harsh surface on both sides. Handles are typically decorated with Swarowski or Preciosa glass stones of different colors, size and patterns.

Glass files are harsher than paper files but softer than metal ones.

Files are inserted into black velvet cover which can be printed with small text, simple picture, monogram or logo.

How easy it is to break a glass file? Well, you should not smash it against tile floor. It should not break in your purse too often. Best place for it is your bathroom drawer.

Files are manufactured in several sizes - length of 8, 9, 12, 14 and 20 cm - and harshness to span the usage from thick toe nails to soft girl hand nails.