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How to Buy - FAQ


Registration is not required for placing orders in our store. It is purely optional, however it allows you to checkout quicker when shopping more often with us.

Personal Details

We collect as few personal information from you as possible and use it solely for ordering and shipping purposes. We do not collect any credit card details at all as we utilize only external payment gateways for processing of card payments.

We utilize the information collected from you solely for the purpose of shipping of the particular order. We will not contact you with unsolicited offers nor reuse your details for any marketing purposes.

We erase your personal data (orders and emails) from the store database and from all mailboxes as follows: shipped orders after 10 years, cancelled orders after one year, unfinished orders after one month. PayPal applies their own data retention policy.


We pack our products into special white Czech Post carton boxes, bubble envelopes (T-shirts and other flat products) or square brown carton boxes (large wooden clocks). We wrap the products well so that they survive the long journey from Prague to your destination.

Local Wholesale Conference Shipping

We deliver personally to all congress venues in Prague. There is a flat fee of € 17.95 for orders below 400 €. Larger value orders are delivered for free.

International Retail  Shipping

We ship to all countries around the world using Priority Mail and Priority Parcel postal services.
We apply the following shipping rates according to total shipment weight and destination:

Weight Range
To Europe    
To World   

up to 100g (0.2 pound)  

€ 6.45
€ 6.95
up to 250g (0.5 pound)

€ 8.95
€ 9.95
up to 500g (1 pound)

€ 11.25
€ 13.75
up to 1kg (2 pounds)

€ 15.95
€ 20.75
up to 2kg (4 pounds)

€ 24.75
€ 34
up to 3kg (6 pounds)

€ 27
€ 67
up to 4kg (8 pounds)

€ 29.5
€ 84
up to 5kg (10 pounds)

€ 32
€ 105
up to 8kg (16 pounds)

€ 55
€ 137
up to 12kg (24 pounds)

€ 87
€ 190
up to 20kg (40 pounds)

€ 135
€ 330

Shipping rates are calculated and added automatically during order checkout process. If you plan to order larger international shipments (over 12kg/24 pounds), please get in touch with us to receive individual rate calculation.
Please allow 2-3 days for delivery to Germany, Denmark and Netherlands, 7-12 days to Italy, 3-10 days to other European countries, 7 days to Singapore and Japan, 7-15 days to the U.S., Canada and Korea and 2-3 weeks to the rest of the world.

Special Shipping to the U.S.

We offer special shipping options for larger or more urgent shipments to the United States: Priority Parcel and Express Mail Service. Priority Parcel is handled with better care than Priority Mail by most post offices in the States so we advise you to select it even though it is more expensive. Express Mail Service is for those of you who need to get the shipment as soon as possible but still for an affordable price.

Payment Options

You can select among four methods when making your payment to virtual travel memories:
  • use your PayPal account to transfer money directly and safely to our PayPal account
  • pay with your credit/debit/prepaid card through the external PayPal card gateway without sharing your card details with us
  • if you come from an Eurozone country, Switzerland, Norway or Island, you can make a SEPA international bank transfer to our bank account in the Czech Republic. Minimal order value is 20€.
  • if value of your order is higher then 50€, you can make a standard international bank transfer to our bank account in the Czech Republic

Money back guarantee

You can return any product within 4 weeks after delivery and we will reimburse the total (product and shipment) price to you. Simply inform us on the email address provided below and mail the product back to our product return address, written on the envelope or postal box, and which we confirm to you.

Contact us directly

You can send an email to [email protected] or phone us at +420 724 067 394 from 8 AM to 8 PM Central European Time (2 AM to 2 PM Eastern Time).

Enjoy shopping!

Michael P. Thiele
virtual travel memories