Franz Kafka and Prague Jewish souvenirs

Franz Kafka is one of the three Czech writers of the 20th century who have achieved worldwide recognition (among Milan Kundera and Karel Capek). Born in Prague in Jewish family in 1883, he has written number of novels and stories reflecting his Prague and Jewish roots and following his typical style of absurdity and existentialism, including The Castle, The Trial and America.

Franz Kafka has lived in Prague most of his life. There are several places there where you can follow his legacy. He was born to the house on Old Town Square next to the St. Nicolaus Church, now containing permanent exhibition devoted to his life and work. He has lived in a small house on the Golden Lane on Prague Castle, which is now transformed into a museum and gift shop, selling books and souvenirs related to Franz Kafka and his literary style. The house bears street number 22 - this is probably from where Joseph Heller took the number for his famous novel Catch 22, also full of absurdity and existentialism, the basic principles of Franz Kafka's work...

Last place to see is the Franz Kafka Museum in Prague Lesser Town, again featuring gift shop full of souvenirs and collectibles, some of which you can get here in our online store as well.