Czech pubs and drinking tradition
It is expected that you have come to drink beer if you take a seat at a table in a beer pub in Czechia. Once the waiter spots you there, he/she places a mug of beer (large one, of course) in front of you without asking anything and marks it on your bill. You need to object very loudly in the case you want to order anything else for drink. Once you finish at least three quarters of your beer, the waiter automatically puts another mug on your table to prevent you from thirst. And it continues this way the whole night. You need to explicitly reject another beer if you need a rest or can not follow the speed. Do not worry, the waiter will come in another round again.
Some nostalgia
I lived in Branik in the eighties, a suburb of Prague and a home of one of the most popular breweries of those times. There was a small pub "Old Hammersmith" there, category of Four which ment little comfort, bad toilettes, thick air and lots of fun. Visiting this pub on a Friday night used to be an unforgettable experience. There were five tables for six people there, fully loaded with thirsty men, screaming for beer. The waiter was carrying 14 large mugs at once using both hands and placed them all on one table where they quickly disappeared. While returning to the tap, drinkers at another table in the row were complaining of thirst. He served them with another 14 mugs in a couple of minutes. Then the third table screamed. And it went this way around the whole night.