Czech Legacy in Religion 

Czechia is a very special country when it comes to religion. We have been the first European nation who decided to get rid of the Roman-Catholic church dominance in the 15th century. Alternative churches were started and soon spread all over Europe and the world. The major historical person representing this change was Jan Hus, chancellor of the Charles University in Prague and priest in the Betlehem Chapel. He criticised the Catholic Church for orientation towards property and power instead of service to the public and created alternative religious approach which materialized in the Czech Brother Husity Church after his death. His alternative thinking had lit protestant fire all over Europe and inspired other religious leaders like Martin Luther in Germany. His heritage still lives in many evangelic churches around Europe today.
If you want to admire Jan Hus and his legacy, just stop at his memorial sculpture on the Old Town Square in Prague and read his major thoughts engraved there: "Love each other and wish the truth to everybody"and "Who are the God's warriors and of his law". The former one bears the ultimate message of Jan Hus which is still valid today - "wish the truth to everybody" says that no states, churches, organizations or individuals should distort the ultimate truth of God and that all people on Earth have the right to live with it. The question is what the ultimate truth of God really is - we can discuss it forever and therefore the world remains complicated.
Another example of the Czech religious legacy is the Infant Jesus of Prague, statue of baby Jesus Christ with exceptional magical power. It is placed in the Church of Our Lady Victory before Tyn in the Lesser Town of Prague in a side chapel. Many people seek it's spiritual support in their endeavors today.