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Souvenirs from Prague

Who we are

Virtual  travel memories is a private company registered and operated in the Czech Republic. We are committed to deliver genuine souvenirs from Czechia and other countries to individual and corporate customers worldwide.

What we do

We select carefully high-quality products from local souvenir vendors, bearing in mind our primary criteria:
  • authenticity
  • originality
  • high quality
  • fit to purpose
Therefore, we offer only souvenirs designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic (with some exceptions where there are no local choices available). To give you some examples:

  • ceramic models and embossed magnets come from a local vendor in Prague who uses local artists for high-fidelity design,  local ceramic works for production and local protected works for hand painting
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps come from a local vendor in Prague who designs their own motives and has them printed or embroidered by local printing factory in Prague on selected textile products imported from Asia
  • we avoid low-quality poor-design products manufactured in Asia and distributed by foreign companies which you can see in souvenir shops around Prague and other cities in such high numbers 
We ship to all countries around the world.
We deliver personally to conference venues and hotels in Prague.

Fit to purpose

We are travellers as well, having seen countries from South Africa to Norway and from Russia to California, and we dare say that we have an idea what tourists coming to Prague are looking for when they enter a souvenir shop. We offer several groups of souvenirs:
  • things that are nice (for example ceramic embossed pictures)
  • things that are useful (for example wooden clocks)
  • things that you can wear (for example T-shirts and sweatshirts)

Contact us directly

You can send an email to [email protected] or phone us at +420 724 067 394 from 9 AM to 6 PM Central European Time.
Enjoy shopping!
Michael P. Thiele
virtual travel memories
Luzna 2
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic